Sometimes life gets off track. Then people need help.

The station missions help everyone: Immediately, without registration, without having to fulfill any requirements and free of charge. Is everything OK? Good. Then we'll take care of the others.


On trips: With information and support in communication. When boarding, alighting and changing trains. With places to stay and stay overnight, wheelchairs, luggage trolleys or lifting platforms.


In acute distress: clothes broken. No cellphone. Without a place to sleep. Hungry. Thirsty. Robbed. Hurt. Sick. Weak.


In existential emergencies: Homeless. Addicted. Sick. Impoverished. Desperate.


Find out at your next train station mission.

or contact us: info@bahnhofsmission.de


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Der Menschensohn ist gekommen, zu suchen und selig zu machen, was verloren ist.

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Gedanken von Christian Bakemeier

Sonntag, 16. Juni 2024


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